Amanda Jane was separated from her little sister, Isabella, and was never seen again. Until now! Now that Amanda Jane is 15, her life is perfect with friends and such. She will need help transforming her house into a chocolate wonderland!

Roles in Games

Things to be Added

In MySims Fanon: The Game, she's the main character in "Search for eco-friendliness". She teams up with Sky aka Go-go to find Juwon, who has been kidnapped by an evil doctor who's trying to control the world with biodiesel-powered robots.


  • Her weakness is chocolate and cute guys her age.
  • In MySims, she tells you that Ian and her are just friends, even though Ian says that he likes her.
  • In MySims Party, Amanda Jane will accidently tell you that she has a crush on Chaz McFreely.
  • In MySims Racing, she will only get along with you if you're female.
  • If you send her on both Makoto's dispatch missions in MySims Agents, she'll say that she has three boyfriends (really crushes, but she never admits it or who the boys are).
  • Amanda Jane has the voice of Violet Nightshade in every MySims game expect for MySims Party.
  • A.J.'s last name is Marshall, making her full name "Amanda Jane Marshall."
  • In My Sims 2, when she ages up she will develope the Friendly trait.
  • As a young adult in MySims 2, she will get a pink outfit instead of green.
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