Character Info

Townie or Commercial? Commercial
Star Level Star Level 3
Role Genetic Scientist
Residence Name Andrew's Genetics Lab

Andrew is a strange 11-year-old who is a genetic scientist and part-time author. He arrives at star level 3. He seems to be obsessed with genetics and has an obvious crush on Clara.


Andrew was just a simple boy. Simply STRANGE!!! He may be bizarre but he has good heart. That is, the part that doesn't enjoy mischief! But he has always had an uncanny love for classification and gategorizing. From that grew his love of chromosome studies. It is only rivaled by his love for Clara and sister Jasmin, and his hate of his brother Anthony. Ignore that last part about Clara...


  • Studious
  • Geeky


  • Fun


Task 1

Description: Hmm... My house is in need of a place to keep my books. Could you fix that?

Requirements: Bookcase with 20 metal essences

Reward: Couch-Mind Swapping Machine Blueprint

Hint: You know what's so wierd? Those trees with metal wood! I wonder if I could harness their metal chromosome? I could use it to cross breed wood and metal into one essence! Or maybe even Robots with Roses!

Thanking Dialogue: This is incredible! Thank you so much! I have some where to keep my books!

Task 2

Description: I'm still unpacking so I need to write! Ughh! I left my chair and desk at my previous home! You wouldn't happen to have one would you?

Requirements: Chair with 3 Light wood, 3 dark wood, and 3 metal; Table with 5 Organic

Reward: Hot Tub-Pencil Blueprint

Hint: Light wood, dark wood, and metal all come from trees. This means I can cross-breed them! They should be in the most organic area around, the forest!

Thanking Dialogue: Sweet! I'll write a story of your kindness someday.

Task 3

Description: My house is too... labish and not enough, homeish. Hmm...

Requirements: Couch with 4 Rook and 4 Knight, Telivision with 3 Star and 3 Alien, Refridgerator with 2 bacon essences

Reward: Refridgerator-BLT Blueprint

Hint: You know through genetic engineering, I turned the Pawn essence into Rook and Knight Essences using a pawn I found in the forest. I also saw some buried bacon! What a waste! While I was there I saw a shooting star shower hitting UFO's and all of it landing in the desert!

Thanking Dialogue: My house is now more like home!

Task 4

Description: Stupid movers! They for got my electron microscope! Can you build one?

Requirements: Microscope with 20 Telescope, 10 Metal, 5 Springs, and 5 Gears

Reward: Decorative-Microscope

Hint: Springs and Gears come from Metal trees! I could make a hybrid so it can do both functions and use less on the microscope! But I need the power of telescopes which come from the gardens. Hmm... maybe I could conduct expirements around there...

Thanking Dialogue: You've helped me Sooo much! I owe you 20 favors. Getting animal parts for your children will cost 2 though.


Hotel Introduction

  • Hi, I study chromosones! You got some plants for me to cross breed?

Accept Move-In

  • Really?!? This is so unexpected! I'd just like to thank the- sorry, that's my award speech. Yeah I'd love moving in!

Request For More Stuff

  • I need to look at cells left on my stuff by other people. More stuff = More cells!

Star Level 3

  • Whoah! I just dicovered this essence user chromosone from your hair! I know... I used to be one!
  • I just checked out books on DNA from Elmira. I'm going to rewrite them. They'r all old and wrong!
  • Wierd, Clara- I mean, some girl who I don't follow around, has a strange chromosone that caused her hair to go from black, to brown, to red.

Star Level 4

  • There are many recently undiscovered chromosones, like the one for green skin and black eyes. Nova will get pretty upset...
  • Robot+Springs+Gears=Metal Wood Tree growing the perfect presents for Dr.F!
  • Strange, I see a future of 5 stars from this slide. It's Zoe's fingerprint. Hm...

Star Level 5

  • I wonder what kind of essence I'd get from crossing Elephant with MegaLizard? Or Puppy with Tiger?
  • Clara has amazing chromosones! Wait, you heard that?!? Uh... It's fiction, that I got from Sir Vincent!
  • Five Stars. I guess greatness will be inherited by your children.

Best Friend

  • If everyone had your chromosones, the world would be so much friendlier!

Best Friend Reward

  • Andrew's Outfit