Character Info

Role Genetic Scientist, Client, Potential Recruit
Location HQ
Interests 3 Smarts, 1 Paranormal, 1 Nature

Andrew G. Magaña returns in MySims Agents. He has three dispatch missions for your team. His first is where he needs your help repairing the cloning mechanism. Turns out that one of the cogs had been stolen by a mutant fish. His second is where he needs your help finding Uber-Gelatin and returning his memory. His last mission involves you helping Andrew get a date with Clara and helping him find the right gift. After completing all three missions, he and Uber-Gelatin will both offer to work for you.

Dispatch Missions

Mission 1

Description: Oh, no! My cloning machine broke! I can't figure out what's wrong with it! Oooh! I despereately need help!

Difficulty: 2/5

Duration: 3/12

Skills: Smarts, Paranormal

Reward: Some objects for the HQ!

Mission 2

Description: Thanks for helping with my machine, [player name], but now Uber-Gelatin's dissappeared! Please send help, PLEASE!!!

Difficulty: 3/5

Duration: 5/12

Skills: Nature, Smarts

Reward: Some objects for the HQ and a new outfit!

Mission 3

Description: I've really appreciated all your help, but can I ask for one more thing? You see, I was invited to a party at Poppy's and wanted to ask if Clara would go with me, but... I'm really shy.

Difficulty: 1/5

Duration: 4/12

Skills: Charisma, Smarts

Reward: A trophy and two new recruits!


Recruit Request Message: Ooooh! Thanks for all your help. I figured I owe you 15 very big favors. Animal parts for your children will cost two, though. And hiring me will cost 15!


  • Paranormal
  • Nature
  • Smarts
  • Smarts
  • Smarts