Character Info

Townie or Commercial? Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 2
Role Warehouse Owner
Residence Name Anthony's ClawGear Warehouse

Anthony is the number one fan of the KCC and owns a warehouse for ClawGear.


Anthony is the number one fan of the Killa Catz Clan (KCC). TO some, he looks like a spoiled teen who plays his music loud and proud just to annoy you. To others... well, EVERYONE thinks that.


  • Fun
  • Spooky


  • Cute


Task 1

Introduction: Yo, where am I gonna keep my stuff?!

Requirements: Sculpture-Boxes with 10 8-Balls

Reward: Nothing

Hint: Hey, on my way here, I dropped a ton of 8-balls near the train. GO GET THEM.

Thanking Dialogue: Thanks. Now I know where to keep my junk.

Task 2

Description: This is not a house!

Requirements: Couch with 20 Tiger and TV with 10 Clown Fish

Reward: Sculpture-Hatchet

Hint: I like my animals skinned. I only want desert tiger, like the Catz themselves and Clown Fish from that dumb lake. Death to the fish!

Thanking Dialogue: Awwww yeah! My house is tite!!

Task 3

Description: Cats gonna appreciate.

Requirements: Sculpture-Hatchet with 20 Musical notes

Reward: Nothing

Hint: Yo, you know where the KCC records? In that cave. The acoustics are sweet!

Thanking Dialogue: I'm ballin' now!

Task 4

Description: How the heck am I supposed to deal with orders?

Requirements: Car with 10 Spades and 10 Clubs, Computer with 10 Hearts and 10 Diamonds.

Reward: Nothing

Hint: You know that mad Cardzerz grow on desert trees?

Thanking Dialogue: Now I can sell and make some do'!