Big Chef is a game created by Emilythebrawler.


Emily wakes and Picks up a Flower Growth Spray from a Box and Spray on Everyones Plants Until she have Idea she goes to Roxie tell her wake up Chef Gino without knowing They Spray at him and woke him up they leave watches in the window see Chef Gino Grow bigger he could not fit in his building everyone went outside and saw the Nightmare happening just when Rosalyn Comes at with Drums and a 2D player and Singing Its my Birthday Today and Inviting everyone and Gino stay in the woods until tomorrow and his Ready Rosalyn is Running a Fair Ground they have Everything so he Runs to it. At the Fair Ground Emily and Roxie Buy Candy Floss for the 2 of them. Meanwhile at The House of Morcubus Morcubus Is busy watching The sims Having Fun once he turns around he Spot Chef Gino watching him and Tells him the Rampage the Fair Ground everyone heard the Giant Steps and Saw Chef Gino Everyone Runs From Him. Morcubus along with Brandi Watches Chef Gino Rampaging. Emily Found Vinegar in His Footprint and Climb up Poppy's Building and Tell him Morcubus is up to something so he Climb up also Emily and Roxie Climb is well and Chef Gino Grabs Morcubus. Roxie throws ice cream at Chef Gino and Roxie have Idea to Shrink Chef Gino is making him Angry from Throw Food on him so she Tell Emily use Vinegar and make Chef gino Angry she got some in her Pocket from before so Emily got Vinegar and she use it on and Chef Gino Begins to be mad and smashing everthing During so he Started to Shrink down to his normal size and he feels much better Brandi and Morucbus Runs away and the Party Have Started and everyone seems that Chef Gino is the monster of Fluffymini.


Big Chef (Transcript)