(Emily Sleeping and Wakes up)

Emily: what a nice day time to Plant everyones Plant with my new Plant Growth Spray

(Emily Sprays everyone's Plant)

Emily: hmmm I have a Idea Roxie

Roxie: Emily You got a Plan

Emily: were going wake up Chef Gino You helping

Roxie: yes please Emily: there he is

Roxie: Get Ready Now Emily

Roxie and Emily: WAKE UP CHEF GINO!!!!!!

Roxie: Run now

(Chef Gino Yawns and Gasp)

Chef Gino: What Happening to me

(Everyone Gasp and Look at Chef Gino)

(Elmira Faints)

Captain Ginny: Arrrr the Growth sent us Nightmares

Ray: yeah wheres Rosalyn

(Rosalyn Sings its my Birthday today)

Emily: I almost Forget it Rosalyn's Birthday

Rosalyn: I'm holding a Fair Ground and your all Invited

DJ Candy: What About Brandi and Morcubus

Rosalyn: Not them there Horrible its Fun

Hopper: Thats Sound Good to me are there gonna be Rides

Goth Boy: like the Death Ride its so cool that made my Heart Go Mental

Rosalyn: your wishes can come ture oh Chef Gino its Big stay in the woods Until Tommrow ok

Chef Gino: ok

Rosalyn: get your House at of you your Making Buddy Cry

(Buddy Cries)

Chef Gino: ok then see ya Tommrow

Emily: bye

Roxie: see ya later Giant Gino

Emily: Star can you do the Move on Stage

Star: Tommrow

Rosalyn: Its Party Time

Chef Gino: everyones having fun Oh well I can run to it Here I come Emily

(Fair music plays)

Goth Boy: Again I wanna Ride Again

Buddy: sorry 15 Rides are too many looks like you have to take a while

Goth Boy: no Fair

Roxie: two Please Thanks

Emily: wonder where Chef Gino is

Roxie: maybe Finding something to relax

Morcubus: No Plans today, Party started whats Next Giant Sim

Chef Gino: HI MORCUBUS!!!!

(Morcubus Gasp)

Morcubus: You Scare me How did you got so Big Maybe that gives me I Idea

Roxie: That was so fun

Emily: I wish Chef Gino was here

Rosalyn: what is that?


Bob: Run for your Life!

Emily: whats that in his Foot Print Vinegar

Morcubus: see Brandi I must Face the Wheel

Brandi: yep what if you go big

Morcubus: cause Emily's Friend is must better oh hands up here I go

(Chef Gino Roars)

Emily: C'mon

Roxie: Chef Gino stop it now

Chef Gino: NO!

Roxie: Fine How about some Ice Cream

Chef Gino: you miss

Morcubus: watch it your gonna make me Angry

Roxie: Thats it angry use Vinegar and make Chef Gino Angry you got some in your Pocket from before

Emily: hey here some Vinegar ok Chef Gino here some Vinegar I going to mess it up

Chef Gino: Don't you Dare

Emily: look at me

Chef Gino: Stop it Now Stop it Stop it your making it Mess

Roxie: its Working

Morcubus: oh no Brandi Run

Brandi: gotcha

Chef Gino: much better

Rosalyn: Let the Party redo

Captain Ginny: Wow your the Bestest we did know that

Chef Gino: Yeah who the Giant here anywhere

Patrick: you must be Horrible hungry heres a bigger bit

Chef Gino: Thanks

Emily: everyone guess your the Greatest monster in the World

Chef Gino: am I Emily or Am I

(all Laughs)