Name Blahdalizer
Gender Male
Species 1/2 Siman, 1/2 Shmurian
Hometown unknown
Role Unknown
Recruitable? Yes
Relations/Friends Zeddicus (older brother)
Daytripper (older sister)

Blahdalizer is a hibreed of a siman (a play on Sayian from Dragon ball Z) and a Shmurian. (a play on jurian from Tenchi muyo)

Abilities as a Recruit

Special Recruit In-Game Powers

Blahdalizer has the power to become a super siman for 60 seconds and becomes a profesional at far range combat. His hair becomes green and spiked up

He can also activate the shining falcon wings for 60 seconds and become a profesional at close range combat. He he gains samurai armor in this form.

Blahdalizer also has the ability to combine his super siman form with the shining falcon wings for 20 seconds and become a profesional at both far and close range combat. But once those 20 seconds are up, his HP gets cut in half.

After any transformation time goes out, he has to wait a whole minute before he can transform again.