Butch is a police officer that first appears in MySims City. He is very friendly and wants to catch all law breakers. His interests are Fun and Studious.


Beginning of Game

  • Halt! Who are you and what's your name? Hmmm....  I see....  Hello (player name). I welcome you to (city name). Just don't cause any trouble all right.
  • If you see any trouble, come see me. I am the law here after all.

Star Level 1

  • If you can look, you can see the Neo MorcuCorp building. They have supreme authority...  next to me and the mayor of course.
  • Your buildings are quite impressive. Just don't build out of zoning laws, or I'm afriad I'll have to arrest you.
  • To tell you the truth, I can't wait for my shift to end. I'm going to party all night at Club Candy! Now move along citizen.

Star Level 2 (Before and During Koopster Fight)

  • I saw something strange yesterday while making my rounds. I thought I saw that Koopster guy dissapearing in the shadows. Must be my imagination.
  • Doo dee da boo da....   Sorry. I'm listening to music. See the earplugs. Now then, doo dah be dee bad doop....
  • I've been looking through the files on Game-fanatic. Seriously, what's that guy's real name?
  • (coming in after DJ Candy) Koopster! You're under arrest for being part of a conspiracy...   and having an invitation to a party that I didn't get!
  • (after Koopster runs off) Drat.

Star Level 2 (After Koopster Fight)

  • Have you seen Koopster? This search is cutting into my party time!