Clara Belle is a cute and young girl who loves cuteness and playing with toys in her mansion in the Twinkle Hills. She loves animals such as her kraken, Mr. Suckers, and her cow, Clarabelle. Her sister's name is Anna Belle and they are both a part of the affliction the "Collectable Kingdom Pals." She is from the time portal in MySims Medieval.

Roles in Games

Foreign Names

  • English: Clara Belle
  • Dutch: Paula


  • Clara has brown hair in MySims & MySims Party, red hair in MySims Agents and black hair in MySims Galaxy (DS).
  • In several screenshots and images of MySims, it is shown that Clara (or a Sim that looked like her) had black hair.
  • Also, Clara appears in the MySims Party trailer, but she has black hair instead of brown.
  • In the original MySims and MySims Party, Clara has orange rubber bands in her hair but in MySims Agents and in the MySims concpet artwork, she has bluish gray rubber bands.
  • Noelle and Clara are twin sisters in MySims Medieval, cousins in MySims Police Force and pen pals in Matt's MySims Mania.

Foreign Name

  • English: Clara Belle
  • French: Claire Belle
  • Spanish: Clara Bella