Corin McCloud
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race English
Level 5-Final
Location Different Places

Corin McCloud is an important character in MySims Agents 2. He is supposedly a dead teenage boy, but in actual fact his twin brother Duncan was killed instead.


Corin is 15 and the second oldest in a family of 2 adults and 3 children. His parents were Aidan McCloud and Lizzie McCloud. His twin brother, Duncan, is three minutes younger than him. His big sister, Lois, is 2 years older than him and she has a different mother, Shakira Tanner.


Corin is desperate to protect his sister Lois in the fight between the SPA and Morcubus. To stop him Morcubus sends to have him killed but in a struggle his twin brother is killed instead. He then runs away to find Lois and protect her even more. Eventually he reveals her whereabouts to the SPA, but not before she runs away again. When she is finally safe, they swear to stay together and protect each other.


  • My sister Lois is being hunted by Morcu-Hey, you have a popcorn machine?


  • Corin's birthday is on the 17th of July.