Cory Magma appers in MySims Agents II, where he is a lab technician for Dr. Isadora Sorrows until she fires him during your first trip to MorcuCorp Headquarters. He’s shy and fearful at first, but after he joins the SPA, he begins to display a cavalier attitude and a flirtatious demeanor.


Cory has scraggly shoulder-length red hair. He wears a white lab coat with a red shirt and black pants underneath. He wears black boots. His eyes are green.

Cory at the lab


You: Cory is grateful to you for giving him a job and, depending on your gender, will either develop a crush on you or consider you a friend of his.

Megumi: He likes to poke fun at her, but they get along well.

Dr. Sorrows: She terrifies him and he’s secretly thrilled when she fires him.

Olivia: She was one of the few friends he had before Dr. Sorrows fired him, and he’s sad now that she’s no longer on his side.

Roxie Road: Her neat-freak tendencies annoy him, but he considers her a better boss than Dr. Sorrows.


  • “Aw, great, what did I do now?”
  • “Please don’t let the hot fanged girl bite me…”
  • “This is nuts! Did you know that Roxie makes you take five showers and bathe in hand sanitizer before you touch her equipment?”
  • “Sooo ... how’s the whole ‘agent’ thing working out for ya?”


  • Despite his name, the only connection he has to magma is his hair color.