Dr. Isadora Sorrows

In MySims Agents II, Dr. Sorrows is a teenage genius who works as a scientist for MorcuCorp. She’s insane, but not to the degree of Dr. F. She is also selfish and gives no regard to the feelings of other people. She’s very abusive towards her lab technicians Cory and Olivia.


Dr. Sorrows has long brown hair and wears a white lab coat over a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of jeans. She also wears a pair of gray penny loafers. Her eyes are like Yuki’s, except blue. She wears glasses.

Dr. Sorrows


You: Dr. Sorrows doesn’t take you seriously, instead seeing you as a free test subject.

Cory Magma: Dr. Sorrows is cruelest to him, and eventually fires him for failing to capture you.

Olivia: Dr. Sorrows is slightly nicer to her, but still cruel.

Morcubus: She serves him, but thinks he’s going about his plan for world domination all wrong.


“I’m not just a scientist…I’m THE CHAOSCIENTIST!”

“Don’t talk to me like that, test monkey!”

“CORY! You’re fired! Fired, fired, fired! I WILL NEVER UN-FIRE YOU FOR AS LONG AS I LIIIIVE!”

“Quiet…you’ll scare the subatomics.”


  • Dr. Sorrows calls herself The Chaoscientist, which is a reference to the song “Chaosmaid”.
  • Dr. Sorrows may have some relation to Isa, due to the similarities in name and appearance.
  • Dr. Sorrows also appears in MySims Bible, but her role is currently unknown.