Dr. Vogue was meant to be King Roland's cousin but now is a cousin to Ms. Nicole Vogue, a Uncle to Derek Vogue and a sister to Shirley Vogue! He is a scientist and wishes to be like Dr. Nefario or Dr. F or Alexa Lexington!


He was a pro at science and was a straight A+ student is science, chemistry and Robotology! He was thought to be the creator of Makoto and T.O.B.O.R but that was mistaken!



  • Geeky
  • Fun
  • Tasty
  • Studious


  • Cute
  • Spooky


Task 1

Description: If I wanna master the art of science, I need to practise with Chemistry Tables and stuff!
Requirements: Chemistry Table with 10 Test Tubes, Chair with 7 8-Balls
Reward: Chair- Beach Blueprint
Hint: Science loves Junkyards, but it is a certain one, check all 5 junkyards in the Desert!
Thanking: That's Perfect! Dr. F cannot beat me at CHEMISTRY!

Task 2

Description: I have so many books about Chemistry! But where can I put them?
Requirements: Bookshelf with 19 Soccerball
Reward: Bed- Pitchfork Blueprint

Hint: Have you ever played football, the legend Chaz McFreely kinda likes it! Why not challenge him!
Thanking: Night time, BOOKS! Sleep tight!

Task 3

Description: Rocket Testing Box! Initiating tools!
Requirements: Rocket Testing Box with 30 Robot, Tool Box with 6 Dead Wood.
Reward: Bed- Test Tube Blueprint
Hint: Alexa Lexington's Robot Boulevard is somewhere in the Forest! Check around there!

Thanking: MORNING: Woo Hoo! I'm nearly done, [player name]! NIGHT: Zzz... Good.... For... Zzzzz.......Me!

Task 4

Description: Chemistry isn't life, I've survived 2 months without food, sleep and fitness!
Requirements: Fridge with 5 Tire, Stove with 5 Orange, Counter with 7 Robot, Bed with 10 Globe, Costume Chest with 5 Pencil and Weights with 30 Metal and 16 Gold!
Reward: Fridge- Terra Cotta Blueprint, Stove- Hourglass Blueprint, Weights- Chess Blueprint
Hint: Gahh! This is too tiring! Forest... zzzzz..... Desert..... Chocolate Pudding! Zzzzzzzzzzzz!
Thanking: I appreciate your hard work, how may I pay you back, [player name]! Dr. F is gonna come in 2nd and for the second time I am gonna be 1st place in the Chemistry Contest!


Hotel Intro.

I am Dr Vogue, a famous scientist! Do you know Shirley is my sister? She loves doing people's hair! And mine!

Accept Move-In:

Commence House Build Scene! I totally need to be better than Dr. F!

After you build House:

Science... awaits... me... you... have... opened my eyes to this.... WORLD! BWAHAHAHA-HAHA!

Request for more stuff:

Science, maths, literature! I need stuff similar to those!

Star Level 4:

  • Science means money!
  • You and I! And the Zap-O-Tron of Dr F. can rule the world in one peace!
  • Ms Nicole Vogue is my cousin!
  • Can you believe my nephew, Derek works for that evil MorcuCorp? I requested Nicole to ground him!

Star Level 5:

  • Yvette is weird! I wish I never saw her...
  • Esma is so weird! "NO, PEASANT!" oh and "GO AWAY FILTHY PEASANT! I AM QUEEN ESMA!"
  • Star Level 5 is soooo cool! Yet science is better!
  • Robot art is weird! I never understood it! I wanna master Chemistry! Bwahaha-haha-haha!
  • Vincent Skullfinder was my school friend! He and I liked History and Science! But then we chose our differences!

Best Friend

Bwahaha-hahaha-haha-hahahahahahaha! Science makes us rich! I'm glad we are friends!

Best Friend Rewards

  • Chemistry Table- Space Blueprint
  • Bed- Funky Blueprint
  • Chaz McFreely decorative
  • Dr. Roland Vogue's outfit