Draktropolis is a city in MySims Clues, unlocked after spying on the Mayor's meeting in city Hall with suspected employees of Morbucorp. The city seems to be run by Morbucorp itself due to the fact that 95% of the city belongs to Morbucorp, and the rest to hobos. Here you'll meet up with your contact who tells you that he suspects Morbucorp is trying to rebuild itself in this city. Although he doesn't know who's in charge he points you to Detective Damon for more info.


Draktropolis is named after it's founder Drake O'Brian. Draktropolis is believed to be ran by an anarchy, but knowledge of those in control is something else kept confidential by the government itself. The city citizens seem to be enjoying their life in the city, but most of them seem stressed out about something. Gaurds supposedly patrol the streets and keep it safe. But much like the rest of the city the gaurds are just another part of the many secrets, and lies used by the government.


  • Demetries St.- The area you first come to
  • The Tavern- The left most building with the bright glowing sign
  • Malo's bikes and stuff- The left-most building on the right side of Demetries St. has a sign of a motorcycle on it
  • Police dept.- The building in Demetries St. with the badge on it
  • Hotel- The tall building right of Malo's bikes and stuff
  • Town hall- The largest building on the farthest right side of Demetries St.
  • Hoboton- Down the path on the left side of Demetries St.


  • Agent Damon, one of Walker's agents
  • Randy, resident
  • Tark, City gaurd captains
  • Malo, bike shop owner
  • Paul, the tavern's bartender
  • Shelly, resident
  • Jimmy,City gaurd
  • Klen, City gaurd
  • Jax, resident
  • Fen, Morbucorp employee
  • Holly, City leader
  • Lin, Paul's employee
  • Juliet, a vampire
  • Marcelena, Goth girl