In MySims Agents II, Haruhi is a ghost currently in residence at Goth Manor. She works alongside Cassandra as one of Goth Boy’s maids. The cause of her death is unknown beyond her not wanting Isa to die the same way. She’s hyperactive and cheerful, but can be a bit overprotective of her still-living friends.


Haruhi wears a maid outfit, but with pink accents where the white ones should be. She has black pigtails with pink highlights. Her eyes are closed, and she has fangs.


You: Haruhi doesn’t know what to think of you at first, but eventually warms up to you.

Megumi: She is fascinated by Megumi, and states that Megumi reminds her of herself.

Isa: Isa is her descendant, and as so, she is protective of her. She doesn’t want Isa to suffer her fate, despite her fate being unknown.

Goth Boy: She serves Goth Boy unconditionally, but finds him terribly boring and wishes he’d lighten up.


“BOO! Now that that’s over with, why don’t you tell me why you’re here?”

“I haven’t had this much fun since I was alive!”

“You’re so boring. More boring than the boringest bore of all the bores of Borington, capital of Boringtania, which is the most populous country in Boringworld, the only life-supporting planet in the Dimension of Boring…I’m getting off track here.”

“No, the fangs don’t do anything. Why, do you want them to?”


  • Haruhi was once a Wandolier.