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Izumi in MySims
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race White
Level 2
Status a sweet personality,a very sweet one at that.
Location [your town's name here]

Izumi Mitsuru,Izu,or Izzy as the other sims call her,is a sweet natured girl with a secret obsession to the game,she is known to be very shy when meeting other sims,and happens to leave herself wondering "how would I live in life?"...


her history is very strange.she was created in a lab,from a computerized program.strangely though,the scientists somehow managed to give her emotion,willpower and intelligence,also giving her the ability to speak,and so on.what they did with her when they gave her the abilities,was put her in the form of a human so it would come together.two more things were added,and that was to have a voice,and to use that voice was for her to sing.after a couple of years,she was born to the outside world,and happy being the way she is now.


how it is involved with the game is that she happens to take on a sweeter peersonality than even poppy has,creating a huge effect to the story.your character will be helping her a little on each star you earn.they are small tasks though,since she would feel bad asking for anything too big in her opinion.she also helps you out a little by giving you pretty big gifts for your home after those tasks.


there is no stradegy...


greeting:" name's Izumi,nice to meet you...[your character's name here]"

being asked to move in:"o-oh...yes,but please don't make get the construction on the home too much for you..."

after being moved in:"t-thank you for making me a home,what can I do for you?"

when talking to her: "...oh,can you keep a secret?I wanted to tell you,I have an obsession with tickling..."

"I'm you like the italian food chef gino makes?I really like his pasta..."

"if you have a chance...can you ask chef gino how he makes his pasta and pizza?"

"can you tell buddy...that he's a great bellhopper?and he's also a good video gamer?"


Izumi was originally made as a vocaloid/UTAU character.however,since there is no official voice Izumi has to be a Vocaloid/UTAU,she's just a computerized program.

Izumi was also known as a pokemon and sonic the hedgehog character right after that.

she happens to have a liking to chef gino's pasta,and buddy's bellhopping.

she sometimes is brave enough to start a conversation with you when you're around her.

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