JayJay (Jonathan)
JayJay image
Name: Jonathan
Vital statistics
Title JayJay
Gender Boy/Male
Race Human
Faction wut o.o
Health Invicible?
Level 3!
Status None/Single?
Location Hollywood

JayJay (Jonathan)


Born: Ummm... Hollywood? School: Umm Something? Age: I dunno


He's Jenny's Best Friends. He tends to like the geeky and fun type of himself and rarely text all of his friends. JayJay/Jonathan is first spotted as a trophy located at MourcuCourp.'s Basement, to the left of the room, go to the green box then open it and you get it. He is often seen with Jenny,Stephen,Clara,Roxie,Travis,Makoto,and Buddy since he made them join his club(BTW his club's name is 8 Friends Island, Possibly because they practicly own the island.


Jonathan/JayJay gets can (possibly) defeated with his own teacher, causing his teacher teach him math and Jonathan/JayJay running away.


When he gets defeated: "I HATE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" When he doodling: " I love to draw!"


Jonathan might a bit filippino since he sang a funny filippino song at the ceremony. Jonathan might be a friend of Blanky, who tends to talk funny to him. Jonathan has a phobia of Spiders,Crabs,Zombies,Mummies, and Yuki. Jonathan is also seen with Lyndsay,Violet,Evelyn,Leaf,and Jimmy. Jonathan loves to draw.

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