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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Female
Race Human
Health Health
Level Star Level 4
Status Status
Location Katie's House

Katie is a young girl moving into your town, hoping to learn more about acting. She comes to your town at Star Level 5. Sometimes she is seen jumping up and down. She wears an orange tank-top and a jean skirt and boots. She loves marshmallows. Sometimes, she can say really things. She runs Katie's Place of Stuff-ness.


OMG, Katie likes marshmallows. I hope you know that, 'cuz life ain't fair.


  • Fun
  • Tasty


  • Studious


Task 1

Description: I needs a table. Tables need I. So make one!

Requirements: Table with 10 Chocolate Cake Essences

Reward: None

Hint: I got bored and dug up some cake in the forest. I was afraid a leprechaun was going to steal it...

Thanking Dialogue: OMG! My life dream is finaly fulfilled! Not really, but thanks!

Task 2

Description: Is you able to get me a kareoke machine? Singing be funifying. And another table!

Requirements: Table with 3 Green Apple Essences and 4 8-ball Essences, Kareoke Machine with 10 Amber Essences and 3 Star Essences

Reward: Chair - Marshmallow Design

Hint: Like, look in a desert and like, a tree, and like the ground... 'kay bye.

Thanking Dialogue: Yahooe! Another table!

Task 3

Description: All I really need is a marshmallow statue, chair, thing. So ya!

Requirements: Chair - Marshmallow Design with 10 Clown Fish Essences

Reward: Decorative - Bag o' Marshmallows

Hint: Like check the magical pond in the magical forest in the magical town, and all them stuff ain't really magical.

Thanking Dialogue: You rocks, like, moderetley, but ya.


Hotel Introduction

  • OMG, I am a person named Katie. Well, I think I am... ya I am.

Accept Move-In

  • Durr, I'm moving in. If not, I just came here here. Ya

After You Build House

  • It looks good...but it needs more marshmallows.

Request For More Stuff

  • Give me stuff, it must be stuff...ya.

Star Level 5

  • Do you like marshmallows? If you don't I will hit you with a pillow...or just walk away.
  • Have you ever been in a play? Have you been in a play as a dog? Why am I asking so many questions? 'Cuz I can!
  • This home is way better than my old was on Mars. Cool, right?

Best Friend

  • Like, OMG you is so nice! You're better than marshmallows, wait no you ain't. But you is still pretty coolifying.


  • When Katie says, "Give me stuff, it must be stuffs," she may be quoting a line from the play Little Shop of Horrors.

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