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Kaylee in Mysims

A character I made for Mysims. She is a tasty commercial sim.



Kaylee moves into your town at Star Level 4. She is a commercial Sim who will open a deli in your town. Loves: Tasty Likes: Fun Hates: Geeky




Hotel Introduction: Hey I'm Kaylee. I was passing by <your town> and imagine my shock when I see you don't have a deli!

Move-In Accept: Absolutely! It's time to introduce the marvel of the art of sandwich making to <your town>!

Move-In: Ah, smell that <player name>? It's the smell of art, and mustard!

Task One:

Description:Step one, we need a table and chair. It's not the same eating sandwiches standing up.

Requirements: Table with 15 Lemon Essences and Chair with 10 Lime Essences.

Reward: Coffee Table-Chocolate bar blueprint

Hint:Once I went into the dessert for a picnic and the lemons fell right in my lap. Handy right?

Thanking Dialogue: Yes! What is it about eating sitting down that makes it so much tastier?

Task Two:

Description: Step two, toasted subs are better than cold ones.

Requirements: Stove with 18 Orange essences

Reward: Television-Modern

Hint: Whenever I smell oranges, I think of the forest. Maybe there's a connection between the two.

Thanking Dialogue: We're doing good! I'm hungry already, but then again I was hungry before you came in here.

Task Three:

Description: I think it's pretty common knowledge by now that the tastiest of all sandwiches are ice cream sandwiches. I'm sure my customers will think so too.

Requirements: Ice Cream Freezer with 10 Chocolate Cake Essences and 10 Cake Essences

Reward: Sculpture-Sandwich

Hint: I've heard rumors that chocolate cake is made of dirt. I don't believe it but if it was, I think the dirt in the forest would taste best.

Thanking Dialogue: Mhm, this is just perfect <player name>! I wonder how tomato and mayonnaise would taste on ice cream. Ok, maybe not my best idea.

Task Four:

Description:Now all that's left is a place for me to make sandwiches and we're in business!

Requirements: Sandwich station with 15 Crab Essences and 5 Music Note Essences

Reward: Decorative-Deli menu

Hint: I've heard about a cave that makes this beautiful ringing sound when you get close to it, I'd love to hang out around there for a while.

Thanking Dialogue: That's it! My deli is complete! I couldn't have done it without you, <player name>. And now, for the art!

Request for more stuff: Oh how could I have forgotten, I need a refrigerator! Can you help me out, <player name>?

Star Level 4: -Do you know what makes me wonder, <player name>? Why do they call them sandwiches? Why sand?

-It's in debate about which food is the best food, obviously my vote is for sandwiches but I have always had a week spot for spaghetti.

Star Level 5: -Ever try a taco sandwich? It's good but it gets messy from time to time.

-Do you know what I'm thinking about? It's hamburgers, why does everyone assume I only think about sandwiches?

-Wow look at all these people! Things have been picking up around here, and it's all thanks to you!

Best Friend:You've certainly made such an amazing friend, <player name>! You're sweeter than chocolate covered strawberries with whipped cream. Just saying that made me hungry.


Kaylees old outfit

-Kaylee's "beta outfit" showed her with jagged black hair wearing a white dress.

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