This is a list of characters from the video game MySims :: Quantum of Rock!. If you wish to add your own character here, feel free to edit this page and add them to the list.

Main Characters

Blanky Rinayo Elius

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Blanky Rinayo Elius

Often thought of as a bit eccentric, Blanky is a 15,236 years old human girl who appears to be 11-13, like all of the other immortal residents of Rizaia and is the 66,123,489th oldest resident in the kingdom (out of a total of 128,745,259 residents). Blanky often uses slang and has many strange catchphrases, such as the word "ugly", which she uses to associate with anything she can, even with things she finds appealing. Many of her close familiars and acquaintances often note or imitate her excessive use of the word "ugly" (most notably Leaf and Hopper). She uses a weapon called the bowsword to defeat enemies.

Blanky is the main controllable character in the game. Both she and Leaf are the main protagonists of the game.

Leaf Dremus

Enhanced Leaf

Leaf is the islands most famous rocker....or so Leaf claims.