Lyndsay is an extremely adventurous, intelligent, and curious explorer. She goes a bit nuts whenever she sees a new map, and has extremely good knowledge of world trivia. She has a small crush on Buddy.

Roles in Games


  • Lyndsay could possibly be named after Lyndsay Pearson, the associate producer of the Sims 2.
  • It has been hinted that Lyndsay may harbor some romantic feelings towards Buddy. At the Royal Academy during the dance, Lyndsay is jealous that Buddy wouldn't even ask for her to dance with him, and that instead, he goes to ask Rosalyn P. Marshall. Realizing what she said a few seconds later, she quickly takes it back. However, her worst fear is being married to Buddy in MySims Agents.
  • Lyndsay is very similar to Tetra the pirate from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, as they both share some facial and body features, and they have similar, adventure-loving personalities.
  • In MySims Agents on Wii, Lyndsay sees a nightmare vision in the One More Time dispatch mission, where she is married to Buddy and he asks her for help with every clue on a crossword puzzle.
  • When you talk to Lyndsay after the storyline at the Royal Academy in MySims Kingdom, she refers to Rosalyn's job as mayor in MySims when she says "...she can run a whole town, I bet!"
  • In MySims Agents, Lyndsay has all the interests except Paranormal.

Foreign Name

  • English: Lyndsay
  • French: Coralie
  • Spanish: Laura
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