Megumi is a cheerful girl who is your best friend and sidekick in MySims Agents II. She can be a bit ditzy about things like where she put her contacts, but mention a scene from her favorite anime, Pretty Rainbow Ninja Princesses One Two Three Four Go!, and she can name the characters, the voice actors, the animators that drew that scene, how many pencils were used, and what about that scene is relevant to the situation. Unfortunately, this also causes her to think she lives in an anime. She finishes her sentences with "nya" a lot.


Megumi has electric blue hair that sticks up in a big ball of spikes. She has green eyes that are always concealed by some sort of ridiculous eyewear (like a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses). She wears a bright yellow top with a cherry insignia, a pink skirt, black boots, a gray shoulder bag, and lime green-and-black striped arm and leg warmers.


You: Megumi is your best friend, and the two of you have mutual trust for one another.

Isa: Megumi fangirls slightly over Isa, and has an unreciprocated respect for her.

Morcubus: Megumi has apparently had some past dealings with Morcubus that she regrets, and regards him with unease.


"Why are you just standing here? If this were PRNP1234G!, we'd be out destroying the evil villain! We'd also call our attacks, wear frilly uniforms, and have some sort of fanservice-y transformation sequence, nya!"

"Alright, nya! New awesome party member welcome to the team hug GOOOO!"

"You look just like Lady Nastia, nya! She's the villain in the Pretty Rainbow Ninja Princesses One Two Three Four Go! arc This Could Get Nasty, and she almost kills Ninja Princess Yoko!...You're not ACTUALLY like her, are you, nya?"

"Wow, never thought I'd see this place again, nya...YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT."


  • It's implied that Megumi used to work for MorcuCorp.
  • Megumi is not her real name. Her real name is never actually revealed in-game, although she is referred to on separate occasions as Barbara, Nancy, and Lorraine.