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Games created by OY Games

MS:TAoOY is a game similar to Blanky's MySims :: Quantum of Rock! article. This is basically the story of Orange Yoda.


Orange Yoda has figured out that Morcubus knows his secret, to be able to hack into machinery and take it over through his mind. Try to protect Orange Yoda from Morcucorp, and use the new-highly upgraded and advanced S.I.M. Protection Agency to stop him.


For a list of all characters, please see the portal page to the right -->


Bus Areas

  • The Town
  • The Boardwalk
  • The Industrial District
  • The HQ
  • The Fair

Jet Areas

Every jet area is based off an area in the world, which is indicated in the bracets

  • Sim Vegas -- The Casino (Las Vegas)
  • Simza -- The Pyramids of Simza (Giza, Egypt)
  • Simstralia -- The Watering Hole (Australia)
  • Mount Eversim -- Mount Eversim (Mount Everest)
  • Simtawa -- Simlament Hill (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Simpan -- Simyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
  • ChinSim -- The Great Wall of ChinSim (China)
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