MySims 2: The Turn Around! is a game for Wii and Nintendo DS. This game is a direct sequel from MySims, so all the Sims have their appearence from MySims except for Poppy (Poppy will have her green dress from MySims Kingdom but the black hair from MySims) and Morcubus (Will have his MySims Agents look). In this game you can take a train from your town to other Sims' towns (via Nintendo WFC on Wii & DS or DS Wireless Play on DS) or go to Speedville to race with Sir Charles and other MySims (real ones and people racing over Wi-Fi)


  1. In this game you can get money to buy a few items from the Sims' shops!
  2. If some Sims show up at the hotel, asking for a job, move them in! One of the shops in town might hire them!

Commercial Sims - Owners


  1. Helen - Retired Town Mayor
  2. Rosalyn P. Marshall - Mayor of your town
  3. Poppy - Flower Shop Owner

Star Level 1

  1. Chef Gino - Pizza Chef
  2. DJ Candy Supergroove - DJ
  3. Sir Vincent Skullfinder - Museum Owner

Star Level 2

  1. Elmira Clamp - Librarian
  2. Ms. Nicole - Fashionist
  3. Roxie Road - Ice Cream Shop Owner
  4. Vic Vector - Arcade Owner/Co-President of VGGC (Video Game Gurus Club!)
  5. Carl - Gardener (Remember Zombie Carl from MySims Kingdom? This is him! Only he's not a zombie. Though after you complete his task "Weeding Fences" he gives you a zombie costume. His clothes and skin from MySims Kingdom.)
  6. Teddy - Toy Store owner

Star Level 3

  1. Aran - Sim Fu Trainer
  2. Goth Boy - House of Darkness Owner (Poet's Hangout)
  3. Shirley - Hair Stylist
  4. Trevor Verily - Actor (Based off William Shakespeare)
  5. Dolly Dearheart - President and CEO of DressCo. and owner of Dolly's Costumes
  6. Chef Watanabe - Sushi Chef
  7. Renée - Petting Zoo Owner

Star Level 4

  1. Dr. F - Mad Scientist (To make it clear: in MySims and MySims Party, Dr. F says the F stands for nothing. It's just F!)
  2. Nova - Professor of the Stars!
  3. Madame Zoe - Fortune Teller
  4. Ginny - Owner of Cap'n Ginny's Bar and Pet Shop
  5. T.O.B.O.R. - Owner of T.O.B.O.R.'s Diner

Star Level 5

  1. Leaf the Elf - Rockstar/Owner of the House of Rock!!
  2. Marlon - Wizard Academy Owner
  3. Grandma Ruthie - Cookie Shop Owner