My Sims 3DS is a HD remake of MySims DS. It not only updates the graphics and controls, but add more sims, games and even has an altered plot and two new areas named the Commercial District and Sapphire Falls.


While the game still has the same overall gameplay, the controls our changed to suit the 3DS buttons and circle pad. Your character move's with the circle pad, and the camera is controlled with the left and right buttons. You can now shake the trees and also plant them in any location that is mud. Other actions that are new feature being able to customize your house with essences and the abstraction of essences. You use the touchscreen to enter your menu but can also use the X button. You can use the A button to interact with sims and objects. There is also the added function of hotkeys. You can assign functions to unused buttons, such as the menu options besides the camera, and the interaction buttons besides talk.


  • Tim
  • Barney (Replacement for Nicki)
  • Helen
  • Marie
  • Tracy
  • Poppy (Replacement for Ashley)
  • Beverly (Replacement for Elizabeth)
  • Emma
  • Hawk
  • Martin
  • Renee (Replacement for Foster)
  • Pablo (Replacement for Joseph)
  • Sophie
  • Ikara (Replacement for Charlie)
  • Tyler
  • Olivia
  • Sapphire (New)
  • T.O.B.O.R. (New)
  • Proto-Makoto (New)
  • Zack (New)
  • DJ Candy Supergroove (New)
  • Brandi (New)
  • Liam (New)
  • Dr. F (New)
  • Alexa (New)
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