MySims Agents: Mystery of Azcan Bay is a mystery-solving adventure game for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, in which the player must guide agents in an effort to stop the various villains situated around the city. This addition to the MySims franchise will be released in Autumn 2018.


In MySims Agents: Mystery of Azcan Bay players take on a role as a undercover agent with few personnel know, but as the story progresses, more and more sims begin to know who your agent is. You must foil the plans of the various villains based in different districts in the city. By recruiting different sims, you can begin to build up your own crimefighting team, see Recruitment Team. The player takes part in many investigational activity, such as analyzing molecules, test tube mixing, controlling robots, hacking computers, exploring caves and setting up bases. Then jump on the subway to get to the surrounding areas. Once you get bored of the subway, feel free to take flight on your jet, taking you to far-fetched locations. Return to your base for a dramatic redesign, with all the treasures you have acquired.


  • Explore Azcan Bay and beyond: From the city to the waterfalls and the savannah to the island.
  • Play with your friends at the island, like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and visit the attractions in the archipelago of islands.
  • Build a team of agents and let them live the life of luxury as an agent.
  • Decorate your base and upgrade your houses and bases as you get further through the story.
  • Play a range of exciting minigames, and help the sims in need.


Azcan City

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In the city there is a variety of streets accessible, all classed in different boroughs and usually based off real life locations, these are the streets in the city


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Far-fetched Locations

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