MySims Agents 2 is the sequel to MySims Agents .


Buddy continues to tell the story as in the 1 ...

Buddy: And this is how our hero, (Your Name) has managed to explore this amazing adventure. But someone has to help, and Ben is ... me! Now that this adventure is over, see how our hero now ...

  • You create your characters *
  • Buddy comes with a birthday cake (it's your birthday) and Jenny with a camera and asked: Walker, Gino, Shirley ... Sound at home ... Rather, the greatest home in the world! Solid gold! *


You: Ho! Buddy, Gino, Walker and others ...

Jenny: Pff ... I counts for nothing, eh ...

You: You did not forget anything! Whether you're nice!

Gino: Gino thee a cake-pizza to your favorite perfume!

Shirley: And me a voucher for a haircut ...

Walker: We thank you very much for re-what do you have for us! You are special agent the best in the world!

You: Thanks guys!

Evelyn: What! Did they say that it was us who thank you, NOT YOU!

You: Evelyn! It's been a while!

Buddy: Well everyone, it's time ... COME!

  • Gino tape your eyes *

Following another time ... THIS IS NOT FINISHED!


  • Agent Walker
  • Buddy
  • Roxie Road
  • Jenny
  • Justice
  • DJ Candy
  • Zack
  • Sapphire
  • Gabby
  • Barney Cull
  • Patrick Rhino
  • Morcubus
  • Morgan
  • Dr. F
  • Mr. F
  • Alexa Lexington
  • Luke
  • Clara
  • Taylor
  • Yuki
  • Esma
  • Brandi
  • Chef Gino
  • Shirley
  • Skip Rogers
  • Evelyn Gray
  • Mike Gray
  • Travis


  • Main City
  • The HQ
  • Boudreaux Nightshade Manor
  • The Boardwalk


  • Your First Mission: Agent Walker
  • Science of gastronomy: Dr. F
  • The Too Cooked Meatballs: Chef Gino