My Sims City is a new game in the My Sims series, taking place after My Sims Agents. Morcubus had managed to escape and resurrected MorcuCorp as Neo MorcuCorp. They moved operations to a small town owned by Mayor Hopkins and they volunteer to expand things. This causes the town to expand into a city and Neo MorcuCorp owns most of the city. However, the city attracts citizens from My Sims Agents and they tell the mayor of MorcuCorp's evils. With this is mind, Mayor Hopkins realizes he must run Morcubus out of the city, by having an expert builder competing against him. And that builder: is you.


  • Morcubus (leader of evil side) (Spooky)
  • Mayor Hopkins (leader of good side) (Studious; Fun)
  • DJ Candy (good side)
  • Poppy (good side)
  • Violet (neutral side)
  • Chef Gino (good side)
  • Buddy (good side)
  • Goth Boy (neutral side)
  • Luis (neutral side)
  • Yuki (evil side)
  • Vincent Skullfinder (neutral side)
  • Esma (evil side)
  • Dr. F (good side)
  • T.O.B.O.R. (good side)

These are the new characters in the game.