MySims Earth is an upcoming game for the Woo.

MySims Earth (Woo)

MySims World Woo

Developer(s) MySims TV
Publisher(s) MySims TV
Release date September 2011
Genre Creativity
Mode(s) Single Player
Platform(s) MySims TV Woo
Media Woo Optical Disc


Here are the list of characters. New characters are underlined.

United States

  • You- Walker’s “right hand man”
  • Leaf- President
  • Walker- Head of the Travel Agency
  • Buddy- Your Assitant
  • Bean- Walker’s Assitant
  • Gino- Pizzaria Owner
  • Barney- Taxi Driver


  • Patrick- Bacon Factory Owner
  • Sasha- Worker
  • Roxie- Worker
  • Noelle- Intern


  • Julio (Hulio)- Mexican Cowboy
  • Ginny- American Cowgirl
  • Stable- Julio’s horse
  • Nay-a- Ginny’s toy horse


  • Trevor- American/French Performer
  • Jean-Paul- Mime that works for Trevor
  • Linda- Roady
  • Gordon- Roady
  • Rosalyn- Trevor and Jean-Paul’s Producer


  • Chef Watanabe- Sushi Restaurant Owner
  • DJ Candy- American DJ
  • Sapphire- Roady
  • Zach- Roady
  • Jimmy- Club Candy guest.

South Africa

  • Mike- Host of Reality Show
  • Travis- Contestant
  • Morcubus- Contestant
  • Vic- Contestant
  • Poppy Contestant
  • Elmira- Contestant

North Pole

  • Terry Toymender- The “Santa Claus” of MySims
  • Marlon- Worker
  • Roland- Worker
  • Paul- Yeti/Customer


You and your pal Buddy are traveling the Earth to try to stop an evil corporation. Travel to each location, learns it's values, meet up with some new sims, and stop the world from the evil ones.

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