MySims Hajima is game made by Bean E. Boo. It involves living in a poor district in a large city and trying to surviving there. The aim is to try and find the keys that open the door to Hajima, a shrine where the Meryaken jewel is. You can not be caught by the police, otherwise, your star rating will go back to the level you have recently surpassed. It is only for PC.


In MySims Hajima there are little characters which have a confirmed name. This is mostly neighbours, shopkeepers and some other citizens.

  • You
  • Jenny
  • DJ Candy
  • Ewan
  • Lisa
  • Lee
  • Sapphire
  • Watanabe
  • Ashley
  • Olivia


There are many places that are re-visitable, but some that are not.

  • Unwin Square
  • Olsen Square
  • Redwick Square
  • Veron Square
  • Noison Route
  • Oaks Road
  • Gladiator Road
  • Hwy Corrolos
  • Selman Square
  • The Dealon Street
  • Gornes Street
  • Quentin Street
  • Ivory Street
  • Kidding Street
  • Jahiers Lane
  • Yawe Lane
  • City Park
  • Belevont Park
  • The Ledge Garden
  • Tyson Quarry
  • Nevon Square
  • Dashia Forest
  • Saschinel Gardens


You can use weapons to break windows and kill sims in MySims Hajima

  • AKB77
  • OS65
  • Sledgehammer
  • Machine Gun
  • Ballpein hammer
  • O-O12
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