MySims Heroes is a game obviously focusing on the MySims with powers.


Name Interests and percentages Powers Area
Saphire Athletic 25% Skill 5% Hyperness achieved from her energy drink Glowstick Laser City, Candy's Club
Zack Athletic 5% Skill 25% Phonikinesis Glowstick laser City, Candy's Club
Candy Athletic 30% Skill 30% Hyper Voice Glowstick laser Record Shooter City, Candy's Club
Dr. F Technokinesis Skill 100% Magic 10% S.I.M. HQ, Gadget warehouse
Alexa Skill 100% Magic 10% Technopathic S.I.M. HQ, Gadget warehouse
T.O.B.O.R. Athletic 15% Massive size City, T.O.B.O.R.'s robot-exclusive diner
Proto-Makoto Athletic 15% Massive Size City, Garage
Derek Athletic 85% Super Strength City, MorcuCorp HQ
President Rosalyn P. Marshall Magic 5% Hypnosis City, The White Hall
Vice President Skip Rogers Magic 10% Hypnosis City, The White Hall
Poppy Nature 90% Magic 5% Plant Manipulation Talk to plants City, Botany and Zoology research center
Violet Nature 90% Magic 5% Talk to plants Plant Manipulation City, MorcuCorp HQ
Evelyn 0% Must give powers using the F-SuperPower Granter S.I.M. HQ
Gino Skill 20% Magic 1% Pyrokinesis S.I.M. HQ, Cafeteria
Charlie Nature 20% Magic 1% Talk to Vegetables S.I.M. HQ, Cafeteria
Gina Athletic 20% Super Leap City, Food Court
Hisaou Skill 20% Magic 1% Hydrokinesis S.I.M. HQ, Cafeteria
Jimmy Nature 20% Magic 1% Talk to Fish S.I.M. HQ, Cafeteria
Ashley Nature 90% Plant Bombs Flower shop and Garden centre (woods)
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