MySims Kingdom 2 is a game where a new wandolier is needed to help the kingdom and thwart Morcubus, ashe has captured the previous wandolier. You begin on Cowboy Junction as Gino's employee. You and your friend Rusty always dream of being a wandolier and your dreams are answered when Marlon arrives to announce the Annual Wandolier Trials. You and Rusty try out anshave to compete by "Speedbuilding." Once you win the trials, Marlon will take you to Capital Island and the adventure begins...

Islands (Bold places new)

Level 1: Capital Island Cowboy Junction Plainville

Level 2: Rocket Reef Candypalooza Olympatron Pirate Port Isle of Pie Spookute

Level 3: Cutopia Forest of the Elves Renee's Nature Preserve The Uncharted Isle Trevor Island Mount Neverest Aquopolis Dr. F's Med school for Technology

Level 4: Chaz McFreeland Treasure Trove Cove

Level 5: Spookane Isle of Magic <Player's name> Island

Characters (New ones in bold)(New characters from other games have *)

Capital Island: King Roland Marlon Princess Butter Princess Toffee Princess Mint

Cowboy Junction: Chef Gino Ol' Gabby Rusty Samurai Bob* Master Aran* You

Plainville: Elmira Clamp Ian Arneson* Gordon Linda

Rocket Reef: Alexa Lexington Professor Nova* T.O.B.O.R. Makoto* Vic Vector

Candypalooza: DJ Candy Zack Sapphire Odin Revolution* Annie Radd*

Olympatron: Coach Kelmar Tommy Summer Jamie Mia

More coming soon!