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MySims Kingdom II takes place in King Roland's Kingdom. There are more islands, the islands themselves are slightly different, completely new Sims will appear on some islands, some islands have had more Sims added, and the plot is slightly different.



You are a peasant who wins a competition to become the kingdom's new wandolier. Shortly after, King Roland is kidnapped by MorcuCorp, demanding rule of the kingdom.

You are sent off on a quest to save King Roland, helping people along the way. You are sent a magical note by Marlon every time the star level goes up, telling you he has discovered more islands as a path to MorcuCorp Island.

Every Island (except the Reward Island, Caiptal Island, and MorcuCorp Island) has one of Morcubus' henchmen spying on the Island. There are always 3 missions on that Island involving getting them to go away, and they will retreat to MorcuCorp Island.


  • Sparkle Island's beta name was Glitter City, but the author did not like it, as there are boys residing on the Island.