MySims Kingdom IV: Princess Trouble Is The Fourth Sequel To MySims Kingdom.


The "*" means that the character from the first game appears in this island

Capital Island: King Roland, Barney, Buddy, Lyndsay, and Elmira

Renee's Nature Preserve: Renée and Roxie (she moves out of Cowboy Juction)

Cowboy Juction: Sheriff Ginny, Deputy Pablo*, Ol' Gabby, Gino and Rusty

Robot Island (New island/replacing Rocket Reef): T.O.B.O.R., N.O.R.I.*, Makoto* and Proto-Makoto

Candy Island (New island/replacing Candypalooza): Stephen Albright*, Taylor*, Clara Belle*, DJ Candy, Zack, and Sapphire

Forest Of The Elves: Petel, Leaf, Hopper, and Beebee*

Spookane: Goth Boy, Yuki, Zombie Carl, Cassandra*, Grandma Ruthie, Madame Zoe* and Iggy*

Cutopia: Beverly, Daniel, Spencer, Lari*, Poppy, and Violet Nightshade

Camp Royality (New island/replacing The Royal Acadamy): Gordon, Chaz McFreely, Travis, Summer, Liberty, and Derek*

Dinosaurs Island (New island/replacing The Uncharted Isle): Gonk, Syliva and Sir Vincent Skullfinder (MorcuCorp)

Morcubus's Island (New island/replacing Trevor Island): Morcubus, Esma, Brandi, And Princess Butter

Chapter 1: Capturing Princess Butter

(We start at captal island were everyone is fast asleep when Esma and Brandi sneeks into King Roland's castle and captures butter)

Butter (In The Bag): daddy!!!

(King Roland wakes up)

Roland: not now butter (sees Brandi and Esma) HEY!!!

(Brandi and Esma runs out with butter in the bag)


(Roland screams and woke up: You, Buddy, Lyndsay, and Barney)

Buddy: what was that?

Lyndsay: i dunno

(You shrug)

Barney: it must be the king come on let's go to the castle

Chapter 2: King Roland's Emergency Meeting

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Goth BoyR Goth Boy
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