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MySims MMO:
Developer(s) Leading Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PC:
NA: October 3, 2014,
PAL: October 6, 2014,
JAP: October 10, 2014
Xbox One, PS4:
NA: December 5, 2014,
PAL: December 8, 2014,
JAP: December 12, 2014
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Story Mode
Rating(s) ESRB - E
Platform(s) Wii U
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Playstation 3
Playstation 4
Media Discs
Digital Download (PC)

MySims MMO: Medieval is a massively-multiplayer online game for the Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC. It is the first game in the series to include cross-platform play, as all players play in an online world. If one does not have an internet connection, they play offline, where they can still fight and do quests. It is the first massively-multiplayer online game developed by Leading Games, and the first in the series to offer cross-platform compatibilities. The game is the first in a proposed trilogy.


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Various MySims play parts in the story: all of which act as a part of the time period. Knights, wizards and peasants are acted out by the Sims of modern era. Every character has an interest they like, as well as an interest they hate. Giving them objects with their liked interest will increase their friendship, and the rewards they give you after a quest.


You are a peasant who is thrown into the king's court for robbery, and sentenced to death. Making a deal with the executor (Preston Winthrop Esquire) and the king (King Roland) to help him protect his kingdom from the evil wizard (Morcubus) and his magical servants.


Players are able to choose one of four classes at the start of the game, and each specialize in different syles of combat. Knights specialize in fighting with swords, awls, maces, flails, etc. and are able to ride on horseback. Wizards specialize in magical abilities, and are able to teleport. Medics do not fight much, instead healing the other fighters. They are, however, able to use magical abilities, but they are much weaker. Peasants are the weakest class, in some aspects, due to their inability to ride horses or use magic. They specialize in ranged weapons, such as slingshots, to defeat enemies. Unlike knights, which wear their (customizable) armour, peasants can purchase special body armour to protect them from certain attacks: ranged, melee or magic.

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