MySims: MontyWorld 2
Developer(s) Monty, Inc.
Publisher(s) MorcuCorp?, Monty, Inc.
Release date USA: October 31, 2013

UK: November 4, 2013

Mexico: July 16, 2013

Genre Stop MorcuCorp!
Mode(s) Story Mode


Rating(s) E10+
Platform(s) Wii U, Wii, DS, 3DS, Woo
Media Wii U Disc, Wii Disc, Woo Disc, DS Cartridge, 3DS Cartridge

MySims MontyWorld 2: MorcuCorp's Takeover gives credit to the person that made MySims Galaxy. Something neat about this game is that if you have a save file for MySims: MontyWorld, then it will bring that save file over to this, so you can have your town from the prequel in the story of the sequel of the prequel.


MorcuCorp has tricked DJ Candy, Vic Vector, Buddy, and lots of other of your Sims into working for them! But how will you save them?! Well, you revisit the Big "Monty", and you talk to Monty again. Then, he tells you to go around all 5 planets with billboards telling all the Sims they will be safe at MontyWorld. Meanwhile, Monty is putting up billboards in MontyWorld that say, "Do not trust MorcuCorp! They will make you do this for them: work!" As soon as you get back, depending on how long you were gone, there are 15-100 "don't trust MorcuCorp" billboards up. Then, Monty tells you to start building houses of all types - libraries, restaurnauts, homes, everything! EVERYTHING!!! Then, after you build the houses, MorcuCorp comes and edits the billboards to make them say: Don't trust MorcuCorp! They will NOT make you do this for them us: trick you!" Good thing your Sims have their Anti-Trick gear on this time. You take it from here. Monty will give you the appropiate weapons to defeat them! Your tricked sims (their names hilighted with devil red) should NOT be killed, use the extra Anti-Trick gear Monty just randomly had to un-trick them. When all that is finished, MorcuCorp surrenders and promises to change the billboards back the way they were before. The game is complete, but you can replay certain parts of the game, unlike in the prequel, where you start all over and your game goes into the MontyWorld Editor for expanding.


The My ID mode lets you view your ID, shown here.
Montyworld 2 id

A picture of a blank ID


  • In the ID, your title is always MorcuCorp's Nemesis.
  • Credit to MySims Galaxy!
  • You can set your age.
  • Your name can be reset, or you can import it from the prequel.
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