Not to be confused with ConnaCream's MySims Mystery

MySims Mystery
Developer(s) The Renegade
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Microsoft
Release date 2038
Genre Detective, TPS
Mode(s) Story
Rating(s) MA15+
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Wii
 MySims Mystery is the first MySims game by The Renegade. It is very similar to LA Noire and games like that, but with MySims instead of people. It is also a choose-your-own-adventure game.


In the beginning of the game, you create your character. Then you choose if your long-term goal is to either be in the S.P.A. or MorcuCorp.

After you are chosen by either Morcubus or Walker to join their company, you find out that MorcuCorp is doing three major projects: bring ghosts back to the world, make a giant Morcubus robot and destroy all countries, and the final one is to kill Walker.

Also, in MorcuCorp, there is a a traitor. You have to find out who it is (if you're in MorcuCorp).

For the levels and cutscenes, go here.


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MorcuCorp Route

To become a member of MorcuCorp, your sim has to have the Evil trait. In the MorcuCorp route you will be in charge of one of the three projects (but you can still work on other projects).

SPA Route

To become a member of SPA, your sim has to have the Good trait. In the SPA route you will have to stop crimes committed by MorcuCorp.


  • This is the first MySims game by The Renegade.
  • It is nominated for the 2014 MySims Fanon Wikian Choice Awards.
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