MySims Townies Logo

MySims Townies is in the MySims Series. It was designed, produced and manufactured by Tardisgirl98 Games and performs on both Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. The concept of the game is similar to the original MySims with tasks and essences, but the content of the game is very much like MySims Agents due to very similar dialogue boxes and a similar styled map with places you can travel to by Subway. A sequel game, MySims Townies 2 has been developed.



  • It was originally meant to perform on PC alongside Wii and DS but the idea was scrapped due to the fact that the game would take up too many memory bytes on a regular computer.
  • The logo uses the old MySims writing instead of the new one most probably because it is more player friendly.
  • Buddy appears on the Wii version's cover but not the DS one's.
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