MySims vs. Mario Party is made by EA Games and Nintendo. This game includes new minigames, old characters, new characters, and new festivals!

Old Mario Characters (with minigames)

Mario (Crank to Rank) Luigi (Boo-ting Gallery) Peach (In the Nick of Time) Wario (Winner or Dinner) Daisy (Crops and Robbers) Waluigi (Beat the Tennis) Toad (Yummy in my Tummy) Boo (Specter Inspector) Toadette (Sugar Rush)

Old MySims Characters (with minigames)

Rosalyn (Stampede) Poppy (Chump Rope) Buddy (Snow Way Out) Patrick (Breakneck Building) Star (Power Trip) Vincent (Grabbing Gold) Vic (Mario Matrix) Maria (Shake It Up) Matt (Celeb Quiz) Stephen (Build-a-Bridge)

New MySims Characters (with minigames)

Annie (Crazy Rock Band!) Summer (Give me a CHEER!) Brandi (Liar Liar)

Cut Mario Characters

Yoshi, Birdo, Dry Bones

Cut MySims Characters

Violet, Bob, Hopper, Mel, Ikara, Daryl, Gino, Candy, Roxie, Travis, Nicole, Elmira, Rhonda, Ray, Clara, Gordon, Roger, Shirley, Goth Boy, Dolly, Aran, Hisao, Sandra, Jenny, Raven, Bean, Ginny, Zoe, Trevor, Dr. F, Nova, Odin, Liberty, Pinky, Jeremy, Ian, Yuki, Gertrude, Makoto, Crystal, Linda, Ruthie, Edwin, Sasha, Amelia, Brendan, Clayton, Renee, Penelope, Luis, Billy, Yvette, Eliza, Abigail, Morcubus, Karine, Noelle, Rob, Iggy, Jimmy, Spencer, Taylor, Chaz, Pablo, Beebee, Blaine, Esma


Easy Festival (hosted by Mario) Scary Festival (hosted by Luigi) Pink Festival (hosted by Peach) Money Festival (hosted by Wario) Music Festival (hosted by Annie) Happy Festival (hosted by Poppy) Liar Festival (hosted by Brandi) Soda Festival (hosted by Maria) Mushroom Festival (hosted by Toad) Ninja Festival (hosted by Star) Final Festival (hosted by Daisy)


  • Yoshi is a Mario character who has been cut from the game.
  • Toad hosted the minigame called "Yummy in my Tummy", but the wall has two posters of Peach and Daisy.
  • You can see your Miis in minigames.