My Sims 2
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Developer(s) ConnaCream
Publisher(s) ConnaCream
Release date 21 September 2013
Genre Life Simulation
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Rating(s) E 10+
Platform(s) Wii, DS, PC.

My Sims 2 is a mixture of The Sims 3 and MySims. It is slightly based on Katrina the Rich Girl's game, but it has more MySims features in it.


For the first time ever, The Sims meets MySims! Build your town the way you want it, get a job, have kids, get married, and anything featured in The Sims 3. It has the creativity of MySims.


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Towns and their characters


Note: There are no residential areas in the desert.

  • Tyler Family- Taylor Tyler, Papa Tyler
  • Belle Family- Clara Belle, Anna Belle, Rose Belle, Father Belle, Noelle Belle, Ruthie Belle.
  • Your family
  • Radd Family- Annie Radd, Melina Radd, Lani Radd, Earl Radd.
  • Marshall Family- Rosalyn Marshall, Sir Charles Marshall, Amanda Jane Marshall, Isabella Marshall.
  • Cull-Clamp family- Barney Cull, Elmira Clamp, Mira Cull, Ame Cull, Jamie Clamp, Fern Dumitru.
  • Unowned house (note: the houses are built for game-generated sims to move into and/or pre-made famalies to move into)
  • Hotel
  • Gray Family- Evelyn Gray, Madison Gray, Mike Gray
  • Roomies Household (people who live in the same house but are not related)- Summer Athena, Travis Phoneia, Liberty Cobra, Chaz McFreely, Beebee Bunnyflower, Darra Drow, Derek Vogue, Gertrude Spackles.
  • Vogue Family- Nicole Vogue, Shirley Vogue
  • Skullfinder Family- Linda Skullfinder, Vincent Skullfinder, Unborn baby Skullfinder (Linda begins the game pregnant with a girl, however she has not been born yet).
  • Unowned house
  • Dearhart Family- Dolly Dearhart, Dolly Dareheart.
  • Forest
  • Nightshade Family- Violet Nighthsade, Poppy Nightshade, Luna Nightshade, Father Nightshade, Carl Nighthsade.
  • Road Family- Roxie Road.
  • Roommates Household- Bean Bradley, Renee Wildflower, Yvette Moreau, Karine DiCaprio, Noelle Simon.
  • Unowned house
  • Unowned house
  • Unowned house
  • Wright Household- Raven Wright, Yuki Yukison, Goth Boy.

Note: There are lots of buildings that nobody lives in because they are not houses, like schools, parks, resteraunts, etc.

Another note: You can download custom-made towns online!

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