In MySims Agents II, Pax is a young kitsune girl attending school at Gorgon Academy. True to the myths of her species, she is very mischievous, often playing pranks and raiding neighboring dorms. She also appears to be a supreme selfish jerk, ignoring injured dorm-mates to continue carrying out whatever hair-brained scheme she came up with. But she still exudes a sort of charisma, which is why no one has put her in her place yet. She also isn't very bright book-wise, preferring to stay in Gorgon Academy by means of her daddy's money. She is Taro’s twin sister.


Pax has boyishly short lime green hair and eyes of more or less the same shade. She wears a red shirt and denim Capri pants, and is barefoot. She has fox ears and a tail.


You: She’ll help you, but don’t expect her to always come through.

Megumi: To quote Pax herself, “I think I like this kid.”

The other Gorgon Academy characters: She loves to pick on them.


“Alright, let’s kick some MorcuCorp butt!”

“What do you mean, you don’t trust me? I’m very trustworthy.”