Name Vipop
Gender Female
Species Human
Hometown unknown
Role Unknown
Recruitable? Sort of
Relations/Friends Being the composite of two sisters, she has the same family members as them.

Vipop is the fusion of Violet and Poppy.


One night, Violet and Poppy saw a shooting star and they both wished they could be inseparable. But in a wierd turn of events, they fused together. To avoid confusion, the fused being decided to call herself Vipop. She has Poppys eyes and hairstyle and Violets cloths and lipstick. When you create a character in Quantum of rock, there are three female voices available. Vipops voice is the voice Violet and Poppy don't have.


You have to convince Dr. F to create a machine that will split Vipop back into Violet and Poppy. When thats done, Violet and Poppy will both be recruitable.

Abilities as a Recruit

Special Recruit In-Game Powers

Vipop is not recruitable at start. But when Violet and Poppy are in your party, they can combine into Vipop for one minute.